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3D Landscape Designs in Minnetonka MN

Using advanced 3D design software, the Serenity team helps you visualize your dream yard – before construction and installation begins.

Let us show you a 3D design of your new yard!

Live in or near Minnetonka and want to see your yard and landscape design before you build? Call us today at (763) 614-8223 to schedule an appointment.

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3D Landscape Design Company Minnetonka Homeowners

  • Backyard Planting & Hardscape Designs
  • Front Yard Planting & Hardscape Designs
  • Whole Yard Planting & Hardscape Designs
  • Whole Yard Planting Designs
  • Additional Structure Designs
  • Additional Material Selections
  • Additional Pool Designs
  • 3D Landscape Designs for Commercial Properties
Minnetonka Yards in 3D – See Landscape Renderings of Your Property Before You Build

Minnetonka homeowners have told us that having a different perspective from a landscape design professional is a great option for them. It helps them feel more comfortable with the designs they’ve envisioned.

As designers, we ask all the important questions – how they’ll use the space, what styles they like, what features they want, colors, textures and more. We ask for inspiration photos if our clients have them, (they usually do) so we can help “turn their Instagram and Pinterest dreams into reality”!

We can give clients material options since there are so many options out there. Plus, with a 3D rendering of the yard, you can see the yard at night and during daytime. You can see the yard from different angles and really visualize how all of the hardscape and softscape elements will work with each other.

Redesigning your Minnetonka property is a big project. At Serenity, we help you make that project easier by using 3-dimensional landscape designs to help you envision what your yard could look like.

Our designer provides you with a 3D replica of your home and property with unique and detailed landscape designs that will incorporate all your visions for your outdoor living.

Minnetonka Landscape Designers – Let’s Create Your Outdoor Space

Taking into account your property’s unique existing landscape, our horticulture experts select suitable plants for your outdoor space to ensure they flourish and grow in as intended.Additionally, our design experts plan hardscapes (like pavers, walkways, steps, boulder walls and pergolas) as well as fire pits, water features, outdoor lighting options and covered spaces that are built to complement your home’s architectural style, and your ideal lifestyle.

During the time we work with you, we’re able to enhance your design ideas with our years of landscape design experience. We’re here to answer questions and provide recommendations and design ideas. Once you have your plan, you can move forward with getting estimates on construction and installation.

Visualize, Design, Adjust, Then Build

If you’ve been wondering how you redesign your yard, our Minnetonka landscape designers can help you “see before you build” – because we know how complicated a landscape redesign can be.

Before making an investment, you’ll see your yard come to life through a 3-dimensional rendering. This is also a great time to make adjustments to your plan and will help spark ideas and questions before any work is started.

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