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The team at Serenity Landscape Services provides boulder wall design and build services as well as boulder wall repair and replacement solutions.

Do you have a part of the yard that would benefit from a boulder wall design? Are you looking to add a boulder retaining wall feature to your property or shoreline? Our landscape experts can help. Our boulder walls are designed to be both functional and attractive. We work with residential and commercial clients across Wright, Hennepin and Carver counties.

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We’re located in Buffalo MN and serve clients West of the Twin Cities with custom boulder wall designs

Homeowners West of the Twin Cities know that outdoor living spaces give them a place to relax, unwind and entertain their family and friends.

Our clients have their own unique vision of how they’d like to utilize their outdoor living areas. The addition of well-placed, well-designed boulder walls can create specific focal points within your yard as well as address changes in grade or landscaping within the yard.

Our boulder wall designs can easily match whatever designs you may have seen in neighbors yards, in magazines or on HGTV. Our clients generally find inspiration in what they see and combine that with practical design – for example, to outline a paver patio area or support raised bedding for plantings or a garden.

We are always excited to hear from our customers, and look forward to discussing unique, custom designed landscaping projects with you.

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We can design, build and maintain any type of boulder wall you can envision – here’s how we’d like to start on your next project

Boulder wall questions we’re asked by homeowners

How long will installation take?

Boulder wall installation times will vary based on the size, scope and degree of difficulty with each individual project. Some boulder walls are part of a larger landscaping project and may include elements like drainage and irrigation or the planting of trees, plant and bushes. Most smaller projects should take no more than a few days to finish.

How much do boulder walls cost?

Similar to the question of how long will installation take, the costs of installation will vary based on the size, scope and degree of difficulty – as well as the type of materials being used. We’re happy to consult with you and provide an estimate and scope of work.

How do I choose the right materials?

When we talk to you about the retaining wall design that you envision, we can advise the type of materials that will suit your needs and your design preferences. Materials available include concrete block, natural stone, brick and boulders. We’re happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of each building material.

Do you build boulder walls?

We do design, build and install boulder retaining walls for our clients. We can start from scratch if no wall previously exists, or we can remove an existing wall and replace it with boulders. Boulder retaining walls are popular in Minnesota because they blend in well with the natural landscape. Stacked natural stone walls are also popular for this reason.

Do you repair existing boulder walls?

A boulder wall can fail if it is unable to withstand the force created by the soil and other softscape elements that are behind it. A boulder wall failure can be the result of a flawed design, improper construction, age, drainage issues, storms or other issues. We will evaluate your wall for possible repair or may advise for the removal of the old wall and installation of a new one.

Can you build boulder walls by the lake?

Yes. Many boulder walls are built close to the lake for beauty’s sake or for practical reasons like keeping dirt, leaves, rocks and other organic material from sliding down into the lake or onto outdoor living areas and docks by the lake.

Can I build a boulder wall myself?

Do It Yourself (DIY) boulder wall installation is not a common project that homeowners generally take on themselves. Boulder installation requires specialized equipment and experience. And, once a project becomes larger in scope or involves other elements of landscape design like paved walkways, the building of steps or irrigation and drainage, professionals are called in.

When is a good time to start?

While the cold and hard ground of winter can slow things down some here in Minnesota, really, anytime is a good time to start your project. Let’s talk to find out more about what you have in mind.

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